Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Egg Coloring/Family Party!

Tonight we had a family party to celebrate Emilee's birthday and to color easter eggs. We had really yummy food and of course good company. The kids had so much fun dying easter eggs with their cousins.

Crazy....look at everyone dying their easter eggs.

Aubree was very excited about her egg.

Ellie in her cute 1st Easter outfit!

Great Grandma Donna, Aunt Vilate, and Aubree

Aubree posing for a picture.

More fun pics.....

Aunt Lisa and Ellie

Aubree and Cousin Shaylyn

Aubree and Cousin Paige

Emilee w/ her yummy birthday cake!

Daddy and Ellie

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Beach Bonfire

We decided to go down to Corona del Mar State beach and have a bonfire one night. We had hotdogs, chips and of course smores. The kids had a blast playing in the sand and cooking over the fire. It was such a great night we have decided to try and do it a couple times a month anyone is welcome to join us:)

Beach Bonfire

Aubree kept calling the skewers "chopsticks" it was too cute!

Spring Break Fun

We have been trying to keep the kids busy during the break by doing fun and super inexpensive activities. We went to this really fun park in Tustin on Wednesday and had a picnic lunch. The kids had a blast and played for over three hours.

Emilee's Birthday!

Emilee is now 11 years old! I can't believe that 11 years ago our first sweet baby girl was born and now she is almost a teenager.We have a tradition that every birthday we make a banner to celebrate the special birthday we also hang up streamers. We decided to go to Disneyland for Emilee's birthday we were a little nervous about how crowded it would be since it was a Friday and the start of OUSD Spring Break. It was a really great day not crowded at all and very enjoyable. Emilee got her "fun card" from Disneyland since it was her birthday and she was able to buy some fun souvenirs.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

More Disneyland fun!

Ellie is 5 months old!

Ellie is now 5 months old and she has such a great personality. She does many tricks and has the nickname "drooling dinosaur". She growls all the time and is constantly drooling so my brother in law says "Hey she sounds like a dinosaur and she drools a lot." Ellie is rolling over, grabbing everything in sight, and starting to scoot although not in the direction of choice! We love everything about our sweet baby girl and enjoy everyday with her.

Pictures of Aubree

Aubree enjoys looking at our blog and loves to see pictures of herself so I decided to do a post of Aubree pictures:)

Astro Camp!

Emilee was able to go to Astro Camp w/ her school, it is a science camp up in the mountains. They left on a Friday and came back on Sunday. It was her first time away from us for that many nights. She was so sweet she told one of the moms that she was going to miss her sisters, so sweet! Emilee had a blast and came back w/ lots of fun information. In the pictures below you will notice that a lot of the kids are dressed alike it was twin day at school for Spirit Day.

Student of the Month!

We are so proud of Ethan he was student of the month for March:)His grades have been very good and he has had excellent behavior at school!

A very proud Ethan holding his certificate!

Student of the month siblings having fun together:)

Aubree and Ashley