Thursday, September 16, 2010

Congratulations Seth!

Evan's brother Seth recieved his masters from UCI!!!!!

Ashton's 8th Grade Promotion

This promotion hit me harder than I had expected. There is something about watching your oldest child promote out of middle school to go to HIGH SCHOOL! It is amazing and terrifying at the same time. I really can't believe how fast the years have gone by and it really hit home for me this year. I am so proud of my oldest son and all that he has accomplished so far in his life:) I am officially a mother of a Freshman in High School...yikes!

Emilee's 6th Grade Promotion

It feels like just yesterday I was taking that sweet girl to kindergarten, now she has left elementary school to start Jr. High. I am so proud of Emilee, she is turning into such a fine young woman.

Emilee the Queen of Hearts

Emilee and Ethan

Emilee's Lip Sync

Emilee also did a Lip Sync this year, it was her last year being able to participate since she has promoted up to Jr. High. Her group did a medley of "Alice In Wonderland" songs. A few of my friends joked that we were putting on a "mini broadway production" ;) Well it was definatly worth it their group was the grand finale of the show and they were amazing to watch!

Ethan's Lip Sync

Every year our school does a Lip Sync at the end of the year. It is such a fun tradition. This year Ethan was in an all boy group and they did a Run DMC mix combined of two songs, "You be Illin" and "It's Tricky". The boys all did a great job and had so much fun performing.

Aquarium of the Pacific

At the end of the school year Tot Lot does an end of year field trip. This year we went to the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach. Aubree was so happy to go with her friends and her cousins. Ellie had so much fun looking at all the different sea creatures.