Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My memories of Kim

Burger King on 17th St. with the funky indoor playground smell. Teaching at Tot Lot. Starbucks Hot Chocolate and Carmel Apple Spice and long conversations by car or on the couch. Late Night dates at Norms. Camping in San Barbara at El Capitan our two huge tents and ten kids was quite the site to see. Going to see Tom Petty in concert w/ Rob and Evan, Rob surprised Kim with the camera she wanted for her birthday! Bithday Parties and Dinners. Countless Beach days and park days. My favorite time at the park was when the helicopter landed in the middle of the field to airlift a hiker out of the canyon. I don't know who thought it was cooler the adults or the kids. Blessings, Baptisms, texting during church when something funny was said. Our Pregnancies and birth of our babies, I loved watching the kids while Kim was in labor. I am especially thankful for the memories we made this past month we were able to get together on two different occassions which isn't always easy since her move to Palmdale. We had so much fun meeting at the "Tot Lot" Park and timing each other and the kids while running (literally) to the fence. I will always treasure the girl's night we had with Savannah, Chloe, Aubree, Emilee, Kim and I. We went to Cafe Rio for dinner, B.J.'s for a Giant Pizookie, took the girls for a walk on the pier and than Kim and I just sat talked and laughed while the girls played on the playground in the sand. It was cold but this particular memory will forever hold a special place in my heart.
I really can't think of any major event in my life without Kim being in it, whether by phone or person she was always in every aspect of my life. Kim and I were like sisters she was the best friend ever. She was such an amazing example of a mother, wife, friend and person. I trusted her with my entire being and will miss her more than words can say.